Photo by: Manish Chandi

Bandana Aul and her colleagues carried out the first extensive survey of Bats in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands during 2003-2006, covering 40 Islands. 25 Bat species representing 13 genera were identified. Interestingly, first records of 3 species of Bats (Rhinolophusyunanensis, Murinacyclotis and Hipposideroslarvatus) from the Andamans were discovered along with the rediscovery of the Nicobar flying fox (Pteropusfaunulus) after a century and its extinction from Car Nicobar. An albino bat (Hipposiderosdiademanicobarensis) was also found in these surveys. Fruit Bats continue to be threatened due to hunting for consumption, sport and disturbances to their roosts.