As a means of sharing knowledge gained through research, toward awareness of the natural history of the islands, education forms an important means to share our findings, bring about awareness and enhance public interest in conserving nature in the islands. Over the past years ANET has delivered different courses, programs and workshops for school and university students from India and abroad. Students experience and use the opportunity with practical learning about ecosystems, biological diversity, with an emphasis on conservation. It’s an excellent opportunity to interact and learn from each other, especially from those with experience and expertise. Our education programs vary from introductory awareness activities to extensive courses on island ecology and marine systems.

ANET tailors programs according to curriculum requirements and learning objectives of schools or group of visitors, across different age groups.

Awareness Workshops: These conservation education workshops are for government and private schools of the Andaman Islands.We emphasise learning through outdoor activities such as using nature trails, in addition to visiting the adjacent Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park interpretation center, learning to document observations, engage in beach cleanups, play and learn through treasure hunts and through theatre.

Day Programs:Day programs are designed for schools, universities youth clubs etc. In these daylong programs, participants are introduced to biodiversity and ecosystems of the islands and interact with local communities to learn of their experiences with island livelihood.An important part of the program is to understand implications of human activities on island ecology.

Courses: We facilitate courses on Island ecology in collaboration with institutions and universities wherein invited faculty who are experts in their field conduct classroom and field sessions using ANET facilities.Such courses are aimed to facilitate essential parts of academic curriculum of the institutions.

Workshops:Workshops are usually tailor made for institutes and groups where learning through field observation, hands-on experience while interacting with resident researchers and our staff. Workshops with invited facilitators include those dealing with herpetology, bird watching and photography.

Programs:The marine and coastal habitat program is a 4 to 7 day course. The program entails place-based learning of different ecosystems like the mangroves, marine, intertidal zone and tropical rainforests. Marine ecosystems are best experienced by SCUBA diving and snorkelling in safe marine habitats; these are conducted with certified Dive Shops. Students are also introduced to the history of the islands and its communities, the diverse livelihoods, conservation dilemmas, and success stories.

University / School
1 National Centre for Biological Sciences, (NCBS) Bangalore, India Marine and Coastal ecology course for MSc Wildlife students Course
2 St Mary’s college, Maryland, U.S.A Study of marine and forest ecosystems. Program
3 Juniata College, Pennsylvania, U.S.A Study program in Marine sciences Program
4 Havelock Island Senior Secondary School, Andaman's, India Habitat awareness and environmental education workshops Awareness Workshops
5 Schools around Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, South Andaman's, India Awareness Workshops Conservation education workshops through outdoor activities such as nature trails, visit to the MGMNP interpretation centre, observations, beach clean-ups, treasure hunt and basics of theatre. Awareness Workshops
6 Srishti School of Design, Bangalore, India Design in Nature and Photography workshops Course
7 Sharad Pawar International School, Pune, India Marine & Coastal Habitat Education Program: A study of the mangroves, intertidal zone, marine and other connected habitats with an introduction to the history of the islands and its communities. Program
8 Mallya Aditi International School, Bangalore, India Marine & Coastal Habitat Education Program Program
9 Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai, India Marine & Coastal Habitat Education Program Program
10 Cathedral School, Lonavala, India Marine & Coastal Habitat Education Program Program
11 Kodaikanal International School Island ecology program Program
12 The Orchid School, Pune, India Marine & Coastal Habitat Education Program Program
3 Stonehill International School, Bangalore, India Marine & Coastal Habitat Education Program Program
14 The Gerry Martin Project, Bangalore, India Herpetology workshop: A study of reptiles and amphibians found on the islands. Workshop
15 American International School Chennai, India Marine & Coastal Habitat Education Program Program
16 INME, Delhi Introduction to ecosystems in the Andaman Islands Day program
17 Foliage Outdoors Pune, India Introduction to ecosystems in the Andaman Islands and an interaction with local schools at Wandoor. Day Program
18 MassArt Massachusetts, U.S.A Design in Nature, Building with natural materials and Photography course Course
19 University of Wollongong, Australia Marine & Coastal Habitat Education course Course Marine & Coastal Habitat Education course course
20 Light and Life Academy, Ooty Photography workshop including underwater photography sessions. Workshop
21 Reefwatch Marine ecology and conservation: A field course in island and reef ecosystems. Program
22 Birding Workshop with the Andaman and Nicobar Forest Department to train local tour guides Identification, physical characteristics and behaviour of birds in their natural habitat. Workshop
23 Andaman college Workshop held on World Ozone day Workshop