Photo by: Harikrishna S

Most lizards such as geckos are nocturnal species, which means they are active during the night instead of the day. Forest lizards are often diurnal and spend many hours of the night resting while asleep. Sleeping at night in the forest exposes them to predators and they must develop strategies to avoid getting preyed upon. One such lizard is found abundantlyinthe ANET forest. Nitya Prakash Mohanty , an independent researcher along with researchers Harikrishan S. , and Dr. K. Vasudevan, studied the sleeping behavior of these lizards - the endemic Bay Island forest lizard (Coryphophylaxsubcristatus) and the short-tailed Bay Island lizard (Coryphophylaxbrevicaudus). They found that the lizards use strategies to avoid predation involving both tactile and visual cues by perching and sleeping on delicate branches and leaves with their heads directed towards the potential path of a predator approaching.