1995 - Studies by ANET researchers revealed a worrying lack of understanding or appreciation of the islands’ natural ecosystems among the settlers, many of whom were raised in mainland cities. ANET and Kalpavriksh therefore initiated research toward developing a teachers training manual ‘Treasured Islands’ on island ecology, designed and produced by Sunita Rao (who now runs Vanastree), to help school children appreciate nature and take an active interest in conserving the islands’ diversity and wilderness areas. This project was funded by WWF-India and the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

This effort further snowballed toward improving upon and adding to its value by including more information and activities for children and teachers. ANET along with Dakshin Foundation and a host of contributors (teachers, administrators, facilitators and many others) and few funders revised, and updated the environment education handbook ‘Treasured Islands’. The book has been beautifully redesigned by the students of Shristi Institute of Art, Design and Technology.

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