2005:Thedisastrous tsunami of December 2004 that resulted from the great earthquake at Aceh, south of the Nicobar Islands wrought havoc across the Nicobar archipelago as first landfall. The waves hit the coasts of all islands, wiping out homes, crops and property, while killing close to 3500 people. ANET with its numerous inter-island links was able to respond immediately to some needs and requirements of persons affected by the tsunami and earthquake of December 2004.

The initial response included providing immediate relief to persons evacuated to Port Blair and to those remaining on the islands. ANET made an assessment of the relief camps in Port Blair, Great Nicobar and Kamorta Islands. ANET concentrated on sending immediate relief to the Nicobar Islands working in closely with the Tribal Councils, the Andaman Administration and the Defence Command. In consultation and request from local indigenous islanders researchers from ANET assessed the situation in southern Nicobar Islands (Great and Little Nicobar Islands) and spent more than a year on the ground, providing linkages to Government and newly arrived non-governmental agencies, while helping the communities recoup.

While a lot of damage was caused by the tsunami of aid that arrived with good intention, apart from immediate concerns of food clothing and water, ANET chose to help communities rebuild their lives by providing them a means of transportation by being the first to donate locally manufactured dugout dinghies, and refabricating indigenous tools to carve traditional canoes and rebuild their houses on their own designs.